Featured Properties

Harbor Gateway Business Center epitomizes everything that a modern business needs in order to cultivate its culture and allow it to thrive in the current professional landscape. The unique work spaces facilitate collaboration, innovation, positive energy, and a greater sense of connection. Here, you can motivate and engage employees, enhance productivity, and embrace the unique culture of your business.

With approximately 945,000 Sq. Ft. of business space within the Harbor Gateway campus, the possibilities are endless in helping provide truly flexible work environments, from smaller, multi-tenant buildings, up to large, corporate headquarters facilities. Whether you need an exclusive business suite or an entire building, Harbor Gateway’s properties are tailored to suit your organization’s needs. Varied office layouts and customizable designs allow you to create a workspace that expresses the uniqueness and purpose behind your brand. The entire 75-acre site is flush with extensive landscaping, green belts, calming pathways and relaxed common areas that can be used to take calls, work from a laptop, or simply decompress in the outdoor atmosphere.